Who We Are

Since its formation in 1998, A.ANG, SEAH & HOE has quickly established itself as one of Singapore’s most value-added legal institutions, being a full service law firm which offers a wide range of high quality legal services and advice but without the hefty price-tag that customarily comes with it. Throughout the years we have taken great pride in providing legally sound and practical assistance to our broad and diverse clientele which runs the gamut from the most modest of private individuals to the largest of multi-national corporations.

As a full service law firm our team of dedicated and reputable lawyers has only one main aim – to ensure that our clients receive the highest standards of work and service the moment they step into our offices. Whilst we continually strive to ensure that our clients are well taken care of across all our practice areas, the fields of Banking, Corporate and Commercial Practice, Civil & Commercial Litigation, Criminal Advocacy and Property & Real Estate have always been the backbone of our Practice.

Our Lawyers

Capable lawyers are the lifeblood of any good law firm and at A.ANG, SEAH & HOE we are delighted to say that our lawyers are amongst the most well-regarded and experienced in their respective fields. Our legal team consists of a group of highly skilled and knowledgeable lawyers who have successfully married local expertise with an international perspective. This collective experience has empowered us to craft sound multinational, regional or domestic advice of a strategic and commercial nature for our clients.

Most importantly, our legal team is comprised of responsible, warm and engaging individuals who habitually place their clients’ interests above their own and collaborate closely with them in order to provide them with tailor-made solutions geared towards helping them achieve their business or other objectives.

Henry HOE Leong Seng

Head of A.ANG, SEAH & HOE’s Property and Real Estate Practice
and is a founding member of the firm in 1998.

Henry was formerly with Shook Lin & Bok and Osbourne Jones & Co before becoming a Partner in Keh Kee Guan & Co.. He then commenced practice under the name and style of Henry Hoe & Co before transferring his vast wealth of legal skills and experience to A.ANG, SEAH & HOE as one of its founding members. He was a non-executive director, independent director and Chairman of the Audit Committee of SMB United Ltd and a member of its Nominating and Remuneration Committee. Henry was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for his dedicated service to the Law Society of Singapore’s Criminal Legal Aid Scheme since its inception on 2nd September 1985.

Henry is also an appointed Trustee of “Buddhist Fellowship” and Wie Hwee Temple Association and is a Legal Advisor to the BW Monastery and Kim Hong Temple.

Alfonso ANG Cheng Ann

Head of A.ANG, SEAH & HOE’s Civil & Commercial Litigation Practice and
the Criminal Advocacy Practice, and is a founding member of the firm.

Alfonso was formerly a Registrar in the Singapore Appeals Board (Land Acquisition) and an Assistant Registrar in the Singapore Supreme Court before becoming a Magistrate, Coroner and Registrar in the Subordinate Courts. Having risen to the position of a District Judge in the Singapore Legal & Judicial Service Alfonso decided it was time to cast his judge’s robes to one side and don the familiar suit-and-tie of a litigator instead. He entered private practice as a Partner at Shook Lin & Bok before becoming a founding Partner of A.ANG, SEAH & HOE. Alfonso is the current President of the Strata Titles Boards.

Ally Law

ANG, SEAH & HOE is the only Singapore law firm to be granted membership to the exclusive Ally Law. Ally Law is an international network of select, business-oriented law firms which was founded to enable clients to obtain global legal services from the individual Member firms.

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